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ECU TUNE TPE Precision

R56 N14/N18 MINI Cooper S / TRS Performance ECU TUNING

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TPE Precision ECU calibrations powered by TRS Performance now support the R56 MINI platform. The vehicle is flashed from the OBD II port.

We tune for different fuel qualities and calibrate enlarge fuel injectors. The tune is completely bespoke, developed for the specific application, from stock vehicles, to high end build motors.

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  • 100% bespoke ECU Tune.

  • Horsepower: Increase HP in the whole RPM range.

  • Torque: Increase TQ in the whole RPM range.

  • Flat Foot Shifting - Allows you to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal whilst changing gear to enable a faster gear-shift without the throttle closing.

  • Launch control.

  • Fan Adjustment: Fan adjustment according customer needs. 

  • Hard RPM Limit.

  • Throttle: Calibration of throttle mapping.

  • Overrun ON or OFF - With varying levels of duration, up to 3s if desired

  • Brake Boost Enable - Allows you to press the Accelerator and Brake at the same time, building extra boost pressure.

  • Fuel Types: Multiple octane maps.

  • Ethanol: Ethanol compatible.

  • Acceleration: Reduced lag, increased acceleration.

  • Linear Throttle: Throttle map calibration.

  • Limiter: Increased rpm limiter.

  • Economy: Under cruising or normal driving your fuel consumption will be benefit from our ECU optimization.

*Power figures are climate, fuel quality and vehicle dependant. 

For more info concerning our ECU calibration philosophy  click here.

R56 MINI ECU Tune, gains
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