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R56 MINI Carbon Fiber Intake Kit 

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The TPE Precision R56 MINI intake sets a new benchmark in aftermarket intake design for the R56 platform. Our intake is designed and developed to:

1) Eliminate restrictions in the inlet path.

2) Lower intake temperatures.

3) Plug and play fitment.

  The first objective was met by reducing as much as possible the distance between the airfilter and the turbo inlet. With the TPE Precision intake, air travels a short distance less than 250 mm from the high flow airfilter to the inlet of the turbo.

  The second objective was met by relocating the air filter from the back of the engine bay to the front of the vehicle. Additionally the filter is protected by the engine heat from a carbon fiber air box. The air filter draws cold air from the front of the vehicle, at the same location as the OEM unit.

  The third objective was met by utilizing the latest available technology. We use our in house 3D Scanner, the latest CAD software and 3D printers to verify fitment and performance.

Proven gains in independent vehicle and dyno. 

All dyno runs were done the same day, in the same car, with the same fuel. 

The car was originally equipped with:

  • High flow panel filter with a JCW airbox. 

  • Full exhaust and downpipe. 

  • Intercooler. 

  • Charge Pipes.

  • Tune. 

  • 1st dyno session 232.8 HP 

  • 2nd Dyno session only addition the TPE Precision intake: 241.5 HP

  • 3rd Dyno session with TPE Precision and Retune 249.5 HP. 

*The car used for the test: BAD BOY TUNING R56 N14 Cooper S (UK)

** The dyno used for the test and retune: The Tuning Society (UK)

Disclaimer: Every dyno session consists of multiple dyno runs.

The 232.8 HP of the 1st dyno session is the best number the vehicle achieved! The number was dropping in every single dyno run due to heat. 

The 241.5 HP is the lowest number the vehicle achieved with our intake kit. 

The 249.5 HP is the lowest number the vehicle achieved with our intake kit.


Horsepower and torque in the whole rpm range. Consistent gains even after multiple runs. 

Dyno Results

The R56 Intake kit is a complete plug and play unit. The kit fits the N14, N18  Cooper S and JCW.

*N18 and N14 JCW need ECU calibration in order to fit this product.

We also provide complete custom solutions for big turbo applications. 


​N14 Cooper S Version: 

  • Carbon fiber air box.

  • Carbon fiber turbo adapter with pcv take off. 

  • High flow air filter. 

  • Water hoses. 

  • PCV hose. 

  • Billet aluminium pcv adapter with vitton o-rings. 

  • Stainless steel water bottle relocation bracket. 

  • Stainless steel turbo adapter bracket. 

  • Stainless steel airbox brackets. 

N18 and N14 JCW version: 

*Bespoke ECU tune is required in order to delete the MAF sensor. Our tuning partner TRS Performance can calibrate your ECU in order to delete the MAF sensor.  

Big Turbo Version: 

  • Carbon reinforced nylon turbo adapter according your turbo size. 

N14 R56 Intake Kit
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