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ECU Tune R56 MINI TPE Precision

TPE Precision ECU Calibrations Powered by TRS Performance

TRS Performance is a UK based TPE Precision RnD partner.  

With more than 11 years of experience in tuning race cars and high modified road cars TRS Performance creates bespoke optimized tunes. Every car is different and a bespoke calibration will bring its true potential on the surface. We flash vehicles over OBDII port and create bespoke calibrations based on modifications and desired fuel types.


Our ECU calibrations are the most cost effective performance modification one can make to improve engine output. The ECU calibration drastically increase horsepower and torque, making your vehicle not only quicker but also more exciting. This is achieved by optimizing the factory management system and taking full advantage of the engine’s capabilities, without the need of end user adjustments. Various maps are available with many features and fuel quality. The tune is 100% optimized for your application.

The software is uploaded to the factory ECU via the OBD-II port once the ECU is unlocked.

We focus in track orientated ECU tunes. We give 

paramount importance to:

  • Engine safety.

  • Drivability.

  • Torque characteristics in the whole RPM range.

  • Throttle response.



  • Bespoke: 100% Custom mapping to suit the driver's style (racing, road race, drag racing)

  • Boost: Boost adjustment according vehicle setup. 

  • Timing: Intake and exhaust cam timing adjustment. 

  • Horsepower: Increase HP in the whole RPM range.

  • Torque: Increase TQ in the whole RPM range. Adjustments on torque parameters in order to deliver a smooth driveability from the transmission.

  • Fan: Adjustment of factory presets for fan temperatures.

  • Fuel Types: Multiple octane maps.

  • Sensors: Custom sensor calibration.

  • Ethanol: Ethanol compatible.

  • Flat foot Shifting: Enables driver to change gear faster.  

  • Launch Control: Add launch control or adjust oem system. 

  • Hard RPM Limit: RPM limit according to desire rpm point.

  • Overrun ON or OFF: Pops and bangs.

  • Brake Boost Enable: Builds boost.  

  • Acceleration: Reduced lag, increased acceleration.

  • Linear Throttle: Throttle map calibration.

  • Brake boosting: Left foot braking or brake boosting.

  • Limiter: Increased rpm limiter.

  • Speed-limiter: Fully unlock the top speed of your vehicle.

  • Economy: Under cruising or normal driving your fuel consumption will be benefit from our ECU optimization.

ECU Tune R56 MINI TPE Precision

Steps of ECU calibration: 

  • Preparation of the vehicle on the dyno. 

  • Preparation of the interior of the vehicle. 

  • Measuring equipment and sensors are connected in the vehicle. 

  • Vehicle's performance is measured at the dyno before the tuning session starts. 

  • Dyno pulls in order to log the vehicle under various load scenarios. 

  • Tune file update. 

  • We do a series of dyno pulls and tune uploads to the ECU until we are satisfied that the optimized tune is safe for the engine and takes the full advantage of the engine's capabilities. 

  • Final dyno run and comparison with initial power, torque figures. 

  • Final step, we log the vehicle inside the city, under traffic conditions to ensure factory like drivability. 

We support vehicles from 2000 and onwards. To see if we do offer ECU calibrations for your vehicle contact with us.

*we do support ECU calibrations outside ATHENS for extra cost. 

 Please contact with us for more info.


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