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     BMW M5 F10

FROM 530 € 430

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1) Maximum Efficiency and power gains.

2)Plug and Play fitment

3)Available for original and hybrid turbos.


Objective 1 was met utilizing cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations.  We meticulously developed the inlets to attain the most efficient shape possible. The utilization of CFD technology allowed us to analyze and optimize the airflow dynamics, ensuring maximum performance and minimal turbulence.


Objective 2 was met by utilizing 3D scan technology, 3D Print and the latest CAD tools.

Through extensive research and development, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign process aimed at achieving this goal. Our redesigned turbo inlets boast a seamless 'plug and play' integration, eliminating the need for any modifications to the vehicle. This user-friendly feature ensures a hassle-free installation process.


Objective 3 was met by utilizing the latest manufacturing methods. We can produce on demand bespoke turbo inlets in a state of the art HP MJF 5200 3D Printer. Same as our record sale R53 MINI charge pipe kit and our high end intake manifold. This tailored approach enables us to cater to a broader spectrum of performance enthusiasts, offering tailored solutions to meet their specific needs and turbo configurations.

+32 whp and +6,7Kg-m at 3000 rpm 
+10whp and +1Kg-m at 7000 rpm

Tested on a tuned vehicle with downpipes and back-box. 

The only change before vs after was the turbo inlets.

Dyno testing happened the same day, with same ambient conditions.

BEPOKE ORDERS Hybrid-Big Turbos:

Simply tell us the internal diameter of your turbo and we will make the turbo inlets fit your application. 


All our products come with 2 years warranty. Terms and conditions applied.


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