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Giving the VW Golf MK7.5 1.5 the power it deserves.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

A complete stock VW Golf MK7.5 1.5 came to us for a TRS Performance tune.

The MK7.5 1.5 is a very capable motor and comes from factory with 150 PS and 250Nm. However we immediately realise the dead spots below 2.500 rpm and at the top end (after 4500 rpm). So the request from the customer was to eliminate the dead spots and give an overall more powerful feeling.

Bench mode tuning is necessary for the VW MK7.5 in order to upload a file in the ECU. Removing the ECU from the vehicle is straight forward and it take less than 5 minutes. Reading and writing it is also a very fast process. With that said this procedure is needed to be done many time as it is of paramount importance to have a map safe for the vehicle especially in a hot climate like Greece.

Despite the high ambient temperature (36C) we saw big gains:

OEM 162.4 PS and 249.6 Nm - TRS Tuned 185.2 PS and 304.9 Nm

Gains: + 22.8 PS / 55.3 Nm

We provide 100% bespoke tuning solutions and we focus in track orientated ECU tunes, meaning we extremely carefully with our heat management strategy.

We give paramount importance to: Engine safety, Drivability, Torque characteristics in the whole RPM range and throttle response. You can read more about our ECU tuning philosophy here .

OEM Setup:

Exhaust Temp: 788C


TRS Performance Tune:

Exhaust Temp: 742C


The measurements are from the dyno pulls-measurements you see above.

Tuning an ECU is not just about the numbers, it is also about drivability, heat management, engine longevity and throttle response.

All measurements are done at the same day, dyno and with the same fuel (100 Ron) and 5th gear.

Total tune revisions: 3

Total dyno pulls: 7

Total logs on the road: 10

Total hours: 11

For tuning inquires please email us at or DM us at our social media pages or call us at +306946195966.

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