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Benefits of Bespoke ECU Tuning.

Why bespoke ECU Tuning can be beneficial for my vehicle? And why uploading a generic ecu tune file on my vehicle is not a good idea.

Bespoke calibration means that the tune file is optimized for a specific vehicle. That’s extremely important in countries with hot climates, low fuel quality or vehicles that have performance hardware. Another factor to consider is driving style. A car driven hard on a race track needs very careful heat management strategy compare to a daily driven vehicle with occasional pulls. A tailored made tune not only will increase your torque and horsepower but it will also promote engine safety, drivability and throttle response.

SAFETY: There are vehicles that when you increase the boost pressure will not be able to supply the required fuel. See graphs below.

That will result in lean AFR and increased combustion temps which ultimately leads to catastrophic results. To avoid this problem we have to drop the torque, typically by running less boost pressure. Although this can be done in other ways too, boost pressure is the best option.

It is important the vehicle not to overheat or operate with low fuel pressure.

Stock pump can not deliver enough fuel.
A bespoke tune will solve this by altering boost pressure and other vital parameters to keep fuel pressure constant.

Car engines are a complicated ecosystem, all subsystems need to work in harmony in order to have the best possible performance. Every time you change something in your engine your ECU needs to be updated so it can deliver the optimum AFR and fuel in your engine. For example, adding an intake system will affect your AFR, as more air is going to enter the combustion chamber. The factory tune can offset this change (on newer cars) up to a point. In order to fully utilise the aftermarket parts you have installed, you need to update the tune of your ECU, by adjusting AFR,load and ignition maps.

What’s the difference between a generic file and a bespoke tune. Generic Tune: Upload a tune file in your engine. You are ready to go.

Bespoke tune:

-Preparation of the vehicle on the dyno.

-Measuring equipment and sensors are connected in the vehicle.

-Vehicle's performance is measured at the dyno before the tuning session starts.

-Dyno pulls in order to log the vehicle under various load scenarios.

-Tune file update.

-Series of dyno pulls and tune uploads to the ECU until optimised tune is safe for the engine and takes the full advantage of the engine's capabilities.

-Final dyno run and comparison with initial power, torque figures.

-Vehicle logging inside the city, under traffic conditions to ensure factory like drivability.

In case you are looking of a bespoke tune, we offer ECU tunes by TRS Performance.

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