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BMW 320i G20 Levels up with ECU Tune + Intake Muffler Delete

This BMW G20 320i came to us as a complete stock vehicle for a TRS Performance ECU tune and one of our carbon fiber intake muffler delete kit.

Despite the heat (up to 32C inside dyno room) we manage to extract a healthy 299.7 Hp and 426.6 Nm versus 232 Hp and 329.8 Nm in stock form. The vehicle gained torque and horsepower in the whole rpm range with massive gains in the middle and top rpm range whereas before the torque curve was dropping off very fast.

We are huge advocates of safety, that's why we tune in a dyno room (thanks to Dynoworxs for having us) with multiply pulls pushing the vehicle to extreme temperatures. Once we were happy with the vehicle's behaviour we did logging under normal city driving conditions to unsure stock like drivability.

As the ECU was locked we removed it from the vehicle and unlocked it in bench mode. After unlocking the ecu we were able to transfer TRS Performance tuned files via the OBD port. *ECU unlock is not always necessary, please contact with us to see if your ecu needs unlock.

Removing the ecu from the G20 320i BMW is a very fast process and ECU unlock can be done in less than 1 hour.

In the same time we removed the OEM intake muffler and we installed our carbon fiber muffler delete kit. Our kit consist of a carbon fiber muffler delete pipe, a high flow panel filter, high quality black silicone hoses and the necessary hardware for installation. Our kit enhance induction noise, removes unnecessary geometries from the intake path and gives an aesthetic upgrade in the engine bay.

You can find more information on our kit here:

Dyno pull below:

For more info please contact with us at

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