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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

TPE Precision R56 MINI Intake Kit

We are happy to present you the production prototype of our R56 MINI Intake kit.

The photos you see in this blog post do not represent 100% the final product as we used some prototype parts just for testing. Additionally in the photos you will see the N14 variant (of course the kit will be available for N18 owners as well).

Some details about the TPE Precision R56 MINI Intake kit:

The TPE Precision R56 MINI Cooper intake kit sets a new benchmark in aftermarket intake design for the R56 platform. TPE Precision’s intake is designed and developed to 1) eliminate restrictions in the inlet path. 2) Lower intake temperatures. 3) Plug and play fitment.

The first and the second objectives was met by using a turbo adapter that relocated the air box assembly in the front of the vehicle. Now air travels a short straight distance (less than 300 mm) from the airfilter to the inlet of the turbo.

Additionally the filter is protected by the engine heat from a carbon fiber air box. The air filter draws cold air from the front of the vehicle, at the same location as the oem unit.

The third objective was met by designing brackets for all the components that need relocation. Extensive effort was made to provide even the last detail to customers in order to relocation to be as smooth as possible. No drilling, altering or modification is needed.

Same functionality as the OEM unit. The kit comes with a turbo adapter that integrates a take off for the PCV as well as a mounting point to secure the adapter-airfilter assembly (continue reading to see what comes with the kit).

TPE Precision Carbon Fiber R56 MINI Intake Kit

Main points of the TPE Precision R56 intake kit:

  • Minimum piping.

  • Eliminate all pressure drop points of the oem system.

  • True Plug and Play fitment.

  • Carbon fiber construction.

  • Water bottle and air filter box relocation.

Carbon Fiber Turbo Adapter
Bottom View of Air Box

Fits to:

N14 and N18 Cooper S and JCW variants.

*In this blog post N18 version is not present.

** Upon request we can provide you turbo adapters for big turbo builds.

The kit includes:

Carbon fiber air box. (Carbon fiber bottom box and carbon fiber top lid)

Carbon fiber turbo adapter (optional). Default -The kit comes with printed turbo adapter (carbon reinforced nylon same material and production method as our charge pipe kit for the R53 MINI).

High flow air filter.

Stainless steel CNC laser cut and bend brackets.

Water bottle relocation stainless steel bracket. (Stainless steel CNC bend and cut).

Stainless steel hardware.

Silicone water hoses.

Silicone PCV hose.

R56 MINI Intake Kit

For the N18 kit:

The kit will be the same expect some small differences.

N18 TPE Precision kit utilises a brand new modified MAF sensor and MAF sensor adapter.

TPE Precision R56 Intake development:

Technologies we used:

Engine bay 3D Scan.

3D scans for components like the water bottle, turbo etc.

CAD Modeling

3D Printing - Prototyping.

Dyno testing.

Data Logging.

5 total design variations.

6 prototypes.

2 production prototypes.

*continue reading for realise dates.

Data, power figures, dyno:

At the moment we test our kit in a vehicle equipped with a K04 Turbo, enlarged charge pipes and built motor. We do this because we want to make sure that the kit covers not only stock or light tuned vehicles but also highly modified examples.

Before releasing the product to the market we will provide dyno graphs and data from testing that will be done in our authorized dealer in UK BAD BOY TUNING.

Release Dates and Pricing:

*The kit you see in the photos is a production prototype. That means we fine tune our production.

The kit will be available for purchase this year (2021), we ramp up our efforts to make it available as soon as possible. Pricing will be announced on realise date. The kit will be available through out our authorized dealer network (UK, USA and Italy) and directly from us for the rest of the world.

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