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R53 Charge Pipe kit

Warranty terms and conditions:

The kit is covered by up to two years warranty. Failing to complain with the terms and conditions will void your warranty.

Two years warranty is available ONLY for the kits that are installed by 1320MINI in the UK or by TPE Precision.

The kit comes with one year warranty if it is installed by a specialized (on MINIs) garage shop. In case of a warranty claim, customer has to provide the installation receipt , photos and videos that clearly indicates the damage and logs (if asked).
DIY installations are not covered by our warranty. Used products are not covered by our warranty or products that are not bought by our authorized dealer network.

Vehicles with upgraded water radiators are not covered by our warranty. Any type of modification on the kit will void your warranty. The kit is designed to work with an original spec car .

If the mounting points, bypass location or any part of the engine bay that is direct connected with the installation or the operation of the kit is altered then the warranty is not valid.

If you car does not have the original crash bar spacers or if you do not use all the spacers that comes with the kit then the warranty will not cover you.

Damage to the charge pipe due to failed engine mounts or frontal crashes will not be
covered the warranty.

The warranty does not cover the cost of installation. 

This kit is designed for off-road use only and it might not be legal is some areas. 


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