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TPE Mounts 2.png
TPE Mounts .png

The TPE Precision bespoke Racing Seat Mounts are designed not only to eliminate unnecessary weight but also to secure the driver even under the most extreme crash scenario. 

Technologies used:

  • 3D Scanning

  • Topology optimization

  • Stress simulation

  • CNC Laser Cut

  • CNC Bend.

Design specifications:

Each seat mount is designed according to customer needs and to his/her specific vehicle. 

Design and Development process:

  1. Measurements on the vehicle.

  2. 3D Scan seat area, seat or any other component that is necessary.  

  3. CAD (Computer Aided Design),the initial design is made according to customer input. 

  4. Stress Simulation of the initial design. 

  5. Finite Element Modelling of the initial model. 

  6. Topology Optimization, main goal is weight reduction without sacrificing safety.

  7. CAD model No2. Improved model according to optimization data. 

  8. Stress Simulation No2, cross check optimization data. 

  9. Approval. Final stage, where the model passes all the safety and weight criteria. 

  10. Manufacturing: using CNC laser cut and bend. Any colour is available upon request (extra charge). 


Why removing material without knowing the force path is a bad idea:
Removing material without knowing the force path can lead to component failure. Because material in necessary locations might be removed. With topology optimization we have maximum stiffness for a specific design for a given amount of material.

An FEM (fine element model) is created by applying the necessary boundary conditions and load case. After the optimization simulation is finished the optimized structure is then analysed. A new CAD model is created following the previous optimized structure. The new design then undergoes a stress simulation to ensure that design goals have been accomplished.

Crash scenario of 200km/h with a 100 kg driver.
Maximum deceleration 112g.Overall force applied to the mounting points 110000 N or 11.2 tons.
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TPE Mounts 5.png
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