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Product Development

In order to design a new product the customer specifies their needs. Then our engineering team evaluates the customer's request and propose manufacturing methods. According budget restrictions, time limitations and feasibility studies the design team propose manufacturing methods such us injection molding, composites, CNC machining. From electric devices to machined products we can offer to the customer competitive rates and delivery times. Manufacturing methods we support: cnc machining, cnc sheet metal machining (bending,laser cut, water cut, tube bending), injection moulding, mould design, composites and composites moulds, prototyping (3D printing).  

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Feasibility Studies
TPE Feasibillity Engine Bay .png

Feasibility Studies are done to verify available space, assembly operation and interaction of the design component with it's environment. It is a very crucial part of product development as according to the study the overall design or dimensions are affected. 

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