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R56 Intake - Dyno Results

Come and meet us tomorrow at Silverstone TRAX show at Performance MINI Magazine stand. Our Intake kit will be on display at BAD BOYS TUNING R56 MINI, our new authorized dealer in UK.

The past few days we did some testing in the UK in one of BAD BOYS TUNING R56 MINI.

The car that we used is an N14 R56 with a JCW turbo, Intercooler, full exhaust and a tune.

We used our production prototype for the test.

The kit comes with a carbon fiber airbox and a carbon fiber turbo adapter with integrated pcv take off. All the brackets that required for the water tank relocation are included with the kit as well as all the water lines. The brackets are stainless steel and cnc cut and bend.

The kit is 100% plug and play and requires no modification to the car.

First we dyno the car as it was.

The result was 232.8 HP. We realised that pull after pull there were variations and the car couldn’t produce the same power.

Off the dyno and we installed the TPE Precision Intake.

New dyno result was 241.5 HP just by swapping the intake. The car not only gained power and torque in the whole RPM range but also it could produce that number happily pull after pull.

Now with the increased airflow towards the turbo we realised that the car needs fine tuning.

Small adjustments in the AFR and car produced 249.5HP!

But the peak value is half the truth. Most important is how repeatable the result was and the torque-power gains in the whole rpm range.

On the street you can really hear the turbo spooling and the extra torque makes the driving experience very enjoyable.

The kit will be available to buy later this year throughout our authorized dealer network or directly from us in countries that we don’t have a dealer.

Realise date and pricing as well as pre-orders will be announced later this year. Stay tuned for more.

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