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Meet TPE Precision's team !

Hello, I am George Tsakonopoulos founder and owner of TPE Precision, I made this post to give you an insight of who I am and introduce to you my team.

But let’s start from way before when I was just a kid! From a young age I was interested in anything that had an engine and wheels. I loved the way engines operate and how such a complex assembly is designed and manufactured. Of course that led me to my first degree, mechanical engineering. That bachelor was just a small taste of the amazing world of engineering. I loved it!

The last year of my Bachelor's degree, I was part of a formula student team, which was just the start of many experiences yet to come. But it was not enough, I wanted to learn more about; automotive engines, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics. I continued with a Master’s degree in automotive engineering. I studied my master in Coventry University, England. An amazing experience is the least I could say! So I became an Automotive engineer! Now I should also tell to you that I loved CAD (Computer Aided Design) as much as automotive engineering. I loved the idea that I could create anything I had in my mind and actually manufacture it. (ofcoursethatcomeswithalotofheadaches!!)

My first job was in REVO Technics in England as a CAD engineer. Truly one of the best experiences I have ever had. Amazing people and great team. For personal reasons I had to go back to my country, Greece. Yeap I forgot to mention that, I am from Greece, Athens.

Yes that amazing place with sunshine nearly all year around and… no automotive sector at all!

Didn’t want to end my career as a cad engineer and especially in the automotive sector, I worked in different companies as CAD engineer (from composite to naval sector) and after working hours I was designing my own automotive parts… for my own car! So with the money I was earning from my daytime job I was developing and experimenting with manufacturing methods, prototyping and designs.

In 2018 officially I created TPE Precision. I created this company because I wanted more freedom, I wanted to be part of the whole engineering process, meaning research, product design, engineering design, prototyping and manufacturing. TPE Precision, means Tsakonopoulos (my surname, in case you`ve missed that), Precision Engineering. I choose precision as my business tag line because I wanted all my projects to have a defined approach, meet customer needs and ultimate create out of the box solutions.

Of course you need a team in order to succeed, that’s why now at TPE precision we are a total of 4 people.

Me (George Tsakonopoulos) as CAD engineer, my wife Hazal Ozaktan on non-engineering related matters, Christofer Paparis as mechanical engineer and Dimitris Kyriakopoulos as material engineer.

Below I will give you a short introduction to Christofer and Dimitris, their background and their role in our team. At this point I should point out that I know these guys back from my first degree, they are my best friends and colleges. So lets meet them !


Dimitris studied mechanical engineering and continued his studies in a master’s degree on polymer science and technology. He loves computers as much as he likes materials, science and research. He is the… nerd of our team!! And we loved him for that. Dimitris after graduating from his MSc he worked as material engineer in the aerospace and research industry. He has a vast knowledge on composite materials and plastics in theoretical and manufacturing level as well.


Christofer studied mechanical engineer and he is born in a family full of engineers. It is safe to say that he was raised on the floor of his father’s machinery floor.Since young age he had interest in motorcycles and engineering. Started working in his father's machinery shop way before we (the rest of the team) could even hold a screw driver! After graduation he worked in machinery shops in Greece and Germany. As you understand Christopher is experienced in manufacturing and especially CNC machines and CAM.

So there you have it, a small flexible team that covers the research, design, 3D scanning, prototyping and manufacturing. Additionally through our extensive network of partners we also offer CNC machining services, water or laser cut services, Injection moulds, vacuum moulds, forging moulds, die casting, cutting and forming moulds.

Do you have a project in mind? We will be happy to speak with you and discuss your project.

Until the next blog post, have a good one!

George Tsakonopoulos.

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