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3D Scanning

“Reduce RnD time and dependency on having the physical vehicle or component in house.”


“By having an engine bay in digital format designers have a clear picture of the available design space.”


“The digital 3D Scan file allows the creation of hardware that will have perfect fit on any assembly environment.”


For vehicles, engines, engine bays or any other machinery of that size we can come from your business to do the 3d scanning. 


Entire Vehicle Lamborghini Gallardo


Lamborghini Gallardo exterior and interior 3D Scan. 

For overall dimensions verification.  

OPEL 2.0L Cylinder Head
Lamborghini Huracan Side Radiator Assembly
Audi RS6 Brake Caliper
BMW E90 Intake Diverter
Huracan Lamborghini Knuckle
Ducati Engine Side Cover
Ducati Suspension Arm
Caterham Seat
Classic Honda Two Stroke Exhaust
Mini Cooper Bonnet Section
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